We’re passionate about shaping the future through functional design. With decades of automotive OEM experience, Hydra’s designers are inspired to create tomorrow’s vehicles by overseeing the entire process from concept to production.

Our leadership and design experts at Hydra Design Labs are trusted by many of the world’s top automotive brands, including Ford Motor Company, Chrysler, Mitsubishi, Infiniti, Nissan, Saleen and many more. We live and breathe automotive design and the process of new model development – going beyond the concept stage and bringing great design ideas to life as functional production vehicles.

As a complete automotive design and fabrication studio, our Southern California facility is equipped to support any OEM project and handle each stage of vehicle development – from ideation and digital design to physical modeling, fabrication and complete prototyping. Our campus has three isolated design studios, each with a 4×6-meter surface plate, offering clay modeling capabilities for full-size and scale models. Our team of experts specialize in following projects through complete production programs. By having one team handle your project from ideation through production class-A surfacing, we’re able to translate the specific design intent into a fully-realized vehicle – eliminating transactional losses while improving both quality and speed of the project.



Hydra Design Labs takes its inspiration seriously. We represent a diverse team of creative people from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences – each bringing a unique point-of-view to our work. We believe that the key to great design is staying inspired, and we only get there by embracing our originality and channeling our differences into each project. In addition to their diverse educational backgrounds, our team finds creative passion in fine arts, live music, sports, auto racing and more – all to stay inspired and maintain the youthful edge that is central in our original design solutions.