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Hydra Design Labs is a studio of Automotive Industry veterans with vast OEM experience that can help solve any design challenge. Design, Engineering, CAD, Prototyping, Fabrication, Production.

Hydra Design Labs is focused on fulfillling your needs for the entire design process. Our experienced team of Designers, Engineers, and Fabricators can provide design, cad, engineering and modeling services for any project from design ideation to full production programs.

Drawing on over 30 years of experience in the OEM industry our team has worked for companies such as Mitsubishi, Ford, Chrysler, and Nissan, Hydra strives to set itself apart from other independent design studios by providing OEM quality services and experience. Focused on Utilizing a Holistic approach to offer Creative Solutions and shortened lead times through the use of innovative processes, design methodologies and Cutting Edge Technology.


Hydra Design Labs offers Design Services for the entire scope of a project. Our Creative Team will lead you through ideation and conceptual phases while our Technical Execution Design Team will provide Production Design Followup through full production programs. We specialize in Design, Class-A Surfacing, CAE for Aerodynamic Optimization through CFD, Crash Testing, CMF, as well as Studio Engineering


With our new state of the art facility we have 3 full size surface plates, 5 axis milling, hard modeling, composites, metal fabrication, painting and assembly. We also have full Clay Modeling services for Full Size and Scale models as well as prototype tooling capabilities.


Design Thinking principles and methods consistently help innovation teams navigate to success. Creative teams that collaborate internally, across functions and co-create with users bring a diversity of views that reframes the problem and helps the team understand if they are asking the right questions. Story telling, creating low resolution prototypes, through a rapid iteration process allows the team to explore a broader range of solutions, early, quickly and with reduced risk to shake out high potential ideas early in the process.