Located at the epicenter of U.S. car culture in Southern California, our world-class facility is fully equipped to take any automotive OEM design project from ‘ideation to fabrication.” Unlike most other studios, Hydra Design Labs has the in-house expertise – and the state-of-the-art equipment and technology – to sketch an initial design, expand and test the concept in CAD, model the vehicle in full-size or scale form and completely fabricate a prototype or production vehicle – all under one roof.

Three Isolated Design Studios – each with a 4×6-meter surface plate to accommodate full-size vehicle builds, clay ovens and all the necessary support equipment for model development. Each design studio features six eight scale and six quarter-scale tables, plus two 40% surface plates.

Clay Modeling Facilities and Services – for both full-size and scale models, including clay ovens, extruders, recycling machines, duplicating tooling, custom specialized tooling and hundreds of clay modeling hand tools.

  • Advanced Composites Facilities – for urethane castings, epoxies and carbon fiber tooling and parts.
  • Hard Modeling Department – complete with all the necessary equipment and tools for bracketing, fitting and pre-fit of precision components.
  • Prototype tooling capabilities
  • Finishing and Painting Facilities – including dedicated spray booth and equipment to produce high-quality finishes on prototypes, concept vehicles and more.
  • Final Assembly Capabilities – with ample tooling and expertise to turn a design project into a rolling, complete prototype or concept vehicle.

Complete Metal Fabrication Shop – handling all steel and aluminum fabrication and tooling, with MIG and TIG welders, precision welding tables, sheet metal cutting and forming equipment, plus plasma cutters. Wood shop equipment and amenities also available.

CMF Department. We have a dedicated team of experts and equipment to provide CMF work for production programs including craftsmanship work.